Tuesday Oct 3, 2023

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MODEL CNXT90E Service Parts

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Part Diagram 4000-121 Back Burner Asy.42 Nat 4000-122 Back Burner Asy.42 Lp SRV4000-217 42Back Burner Retro Kit 4000-118 Dash Board Assembly 30222 Speed Control Assy SRV593-594 Repair Part SRV060-511 On/Off Switch 25840 Exhaust Cover Plate (Dv) 4000-308 42 Glass Frame Asy Cer 33858/2 Glass Clip Assembly 25844 Intake Cover Plate (Dv) SRV4021-013 Junction Box (plastic) 4021-013 4018-005 Junction Box SRV4021-013 Junction Box (plastic) 4021-013 4040-094 Lava Rock Bag Assembly 4021-296 Lava Rock 2 Lbs SRV14333 Mineral Wool 28746 Vermiculite Small SRV593-593 3V Transformer GFK160B Blower SRV593-590 Repair Part SRV28602 Wall Switch Wire Assembly DCKVN-NXT Conversion Kit NG DCKVP-NXT Conversion Kit LP HB90 Refractory Assembly 34703 Hearth Refractory 34704 Back Refractory 34706 Left Side Refractory 34705 Right Side Refractory TB90 Refractory Assembly - Traditional 34699 Hearth Refractory 34700 Back Refractory 34693 Sides Refractory