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Part Diagram 13407A Burner Assembly 13459F Chimney Kit 13376I G200/L Glass Frame 28091/10 Glass Gasket 10 Ft 71297 Glass Panel, Ceramic 14598C Grate Assembly SRV24968 Limit Switch SRV13426 Microswitch SRV13445 Orifice(.059) Srv SRV13410 Orifice .101 Srv 4021-729 Pilot Assembly Lp 4021-728 Pilot Assembly Nat 27169 Pilot W/Bkt Lp 27168 Pilot Assembly - without Thermopile - NG 2103-512 Thermopile Pse 26471 Pilot Tube Kit 291-513 Ignitor Piezo 13397A Refractory, Hearth 13677A Seal Bracket 13464F Termination Cap Assembly SRV25810 Valve Sp Lp 71485 Valve, W/R - LP 060-500 Robertshaw Valve Ng SRV71492 Valve Ng 13668A Wall Plate 13667A Wall Switch CKN Conversion Kit Ng CKP Conversion Kit Lp SRV446-517 .0115 Plt Orif. Spud Lp SRV446-505 .021 Plt Orf.Spud Ng Kit